Subsconscious Selling: 6 Weeks to Profits & Persuasion



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Subconscious Selling: 6 Weeks to Profits & Persuasion

The 6 week beta program for business professionals to take you from lackluster sales to money-making persuasion mastery with ease, confidence, and RESULTS.

(even if you’ve read all the sales books, attended all the seminars, and still remain STUCK below your potential!)

If you want to improve your influence and persuasion skills, read on...


What You DO Need is the proven skillsets for IRRESISTIBLY serving clients on a powerful, subconscious level-- so you walk away with happier clients, skyrocketing sales, and more money for you and your family.

So tell me…

  • Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the idea of “selling yourself,” “asking for the money,” “overcoming objections”, “charging what you’re worth,” or “being too salesy”?
  • Have you ever given a great presentation, handled all of the client’s needs, and proposed the perfect solution for them… only to have them STILL say, “No,” “I want to think about it,” or otherwise put you off and you couldn’t win them over?
  • Have you ever started doubting yourself and your capabilities, even though you consider yourself a coachable, positive person with lots of ambition?
  • Have you ever felt like you have SO MUCH MORE to offer and could be living a more successful life if only you had the right direction, skillsets, and support to be able to get you there?



I’m about to share with you some mind-blowing secrets to multiply your sales, dominate your field, and increase your income starting today!




My name is Ileana Rosas, and I am a Sales Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

I specialize in helping people like you close more sales and make more money by mastering the craft of Subconscious Selling-- using the language of the subconscious mind to ethically influence and serve clients in a way normal sales skills never could.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a salesperson... know that serving more clients and driving revenue is paramount to your business.


I discovered the power of NLP for sales after having been in a traditional sales job for years...

  • Having a decent but less-than-thrilling (sometimes FRUSTRATING) sales career, and...
  • Realizing that I had the DESIRE to serve SO MANY MORE people, and...
  • Live a more EXCITING, comfortable lifestyle. 🏖 🌅


Does this sound like you at all?


So I was introduced to this “New Technology of Achievement”

...that models the world’s peak performers and top achievers...

and distilling EXACTLY how those successful people consistently achieve excellence in a categorized, duplicatable framework.





The key is understanding the deeply ingrained subconscious mechanisms that have evolved in every person’s central nervous system... that Human Behavior (yours and your clients’) is completely decoded so you know exactly what to do with each client in EVERY SITUATION


How powerful would that be in your business? 💵

Can you see yourself becoming more successful?

NLP has been used as therapy to help people lose weight, heal traumas, overcome phobias, and mend relationships-- and now I’ve applied these powerful techniques to sales.

(I’m also never surprised when my clients express vast improvements in those areas as well after taking my NLP sales coaching.)

I’ve since become Master certified in NLP and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), and have trained over 900 salespeople from all backgrounds in sales and influence for over 7 years.


I now want to share my knowledge with you.


My Subconscious Selling formula guides you through the process of completely transforming your mind, your skills, and your business for success!

It is now your turn to upgrade your knowledge of sales & persuasion, and explode your sales today.


Subconscious Selling: 6 Weeks to Profits & Persuasion

The 6 week beta program for business professionals to take you from lackluster sales to money-making persuasion mastery with ease, confidence, and RESULTS.

(even if you’ve read all the sales books, attended all the seminars, and still remain STUCK below your potential!)


In this course, you will learn how subconscious selling with Neurolinguistic Programming can be used to boost your sales so you can…

  • Get REAL results by closing more clients and increasing your income.
  • Become confident in your persuasion and influence capabilities, knowing exactly what to do and say in any sales situation
  • Be on a clear path to measurable RESULTS and achieve the goals you set for yourself.
  • Dominate your area of expertise in your industry.

Rise above your competitors and make yourself more marketable with NLP subconscious selling skills today-- this is why your clients will choose to work with YOU!

6 Week Live Training Modules and Video Recordings

(Classes start November 17th!)

Learn the real secrets of success in sales by understanding human subconscious behavior and practicing conscientious influence & persuasion skills. Can't make it live? You still get all the recordings!

Live Access to Me Q& A Sessions

Discover how to implement these skills in your specific business and have all your questions answered by me in a Live Q&A group format.  This is where your magic happens!

Facebook Community Accountability & Support

You are not alone! Share your real-life experiences, struggles, and successes in a supportive group setting to gain the optimal amount of assistance and encouragement through your journey of success!

Sounds cool, huh?

What would it mean for your business…

  • If you could automatically bypass all sales resistance and served more clients easily and confidently… RIGHT NOW?
  • What would that do for your business? Your family? Your life?
  • What would that be like?
  • Can you picture yourself being successful by mastering subconscious selling in your business right now?
  • How does it feel to know that the results you’ve been yearning for are right inside this program at your fingertips now?

Does it sound like something you’d like to give a try?


I am opening up enrollment for an EXCLUSIVE 6-Week beta online course-- giving you RESULTS-oriented interactive NLP Sales training that I provide my high-end clients, for a fraction of the price. 

DISCOVER the secrets that clients pay up $12,000 for on how to master the language of the subconscious mind to close more sales and make more money TODAY!

So let me ask you…

Are you ready skyrocket your business and get real life-changing results today?

FOR A LIMITED TIME (one week, to be exact!) I'm opening up enrollment to work with me in LIVE online training workshops for setting your goals, training your mental programming for success, and teaching you skills to CLOSE MORE DEALS from the very first lesson!

This exclusive 6-Week Program (starting June 11th!) is the ONLY time I will be releasing a beta course. So YOU get to enjoy this experience for just...





Or just 2 easy payments of $575!

This is only open for a few days, because the training with me is LIVE, and classes start November 17th! 


You will automatically be sent the full course syllabus and step-by-step instructions on how to jump into the training!


Are you SERIOUS about getting faster results?


Special VIP Bonus Upgrade Includes:

  • Full Subconscious Selling 6-Week Program
  • ✅ PLUS: PERSONALIZED Weekly 1-on-1 Calls to let me dig deeper into your own business and create action plans set for your specialized results
  • ✅ PLUS: UNLIMITED Voxer audio messaging support (Ileana in your pocket! Like a walkie-talkie, call me as much as you like and I will respond with my own voice messages ASAP)
  • ✅Reach out to me for anything, any time!

Special VIP Upgrade for total $997, or 2 easy payments of $575!

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PURPOSE: To provide REAL subconscious selling training to boost your sales skills, serve more prospects, and make more money.

Subconscious Selling 6 Week Course Format:

  • ALL Online Video Training! Enjoy from your home or office
  • 6 Week Highly Interactive Beta Course Learning Experience (personal group training so YOU get YOUR needs met)
  • Weekly in-depth live group video training workshops (Tuesdays)
  • Weekly group Q&A sessions (Fridays)
  • Facebook group for engaging Support and Accountability
  • Video recordings from the live training and Q&A modules
  • Downloadable PDFs & materials
  • Tools & templates to MAKE IT ALL EASY!

Why the “Beta Course” Format?

I’ve selected this training style because while my traditional NLP sales trainings are well worth their usual $8,000-$12,000 with undeniable results, not everyone is ready to partake at such a high level.


I’ve chosen to provide this “entry level” option as a way to provide high-touch interactive connection with me, while receiving your input to constantly re-shape the program to become more practical and effective to those committed to improving their sales and changing their lives.

I’ll guide you step-by-step through my signature Subconscious Selling method that my private clients pay upwards of $12k for, but at a fraction of the price!

You will have access to methodologies I teach my private clients, while in turn it helps me gain feedback on how to improve online trainings like this in the future!

How about giving it a try and jump into the material today?



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How would YOU do with results like that?


Now discover what else is in store for you...

All built into the Subconscious Selling 6-Week Program:


This online bonus training will transform the way you reach your goals faster than ever by executing your highest-dollar activities, crushing demotivation, and blasting you into action-- without losing your peace of mind or creating any overwhelm or stress!



These subliminal training exercises will rewire your subconscious mind to gain confidence and clarity in all that you do, and override subconscious limiting beliefs and fears that have been holding you back from your fullest potential.



This program is all about RESULTS-- track your progress metrics as you implement the plan in this course and see how your leads, clients, sales, and income increase over time!

Click the button and get started today!

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Here's your ‘End Result’:

You will walk out of this course knowing how to…

  • Close more deals IMMEDIATELY-- starting from the very first lesson!
  • Present your product/ service so there are minimal to NO objections at all
  • Read people subconsciously no matter what their personality type (...almost like mind-reading!)
  • Melt away “objections” so they buy with confidence
  • Build deep rapport, connection, and TRUST with a client, no matter who they are (resulting in repeat sales, people referring you to all their friends and family, and working only with you)
  • Elicit their true values so that you provide exactly they need and make them desire what you have right now
  • Discover their internal motivations and drivers that get them to BUY right now
  • Know what to say in any situation to help things go your way


If you are ready to transform your business and life in a massive way, click the link below and start serving more clients with confidence today!


Click here to buy now


P.S. If you’re the type that likes to “wait” before finally pulling the trigger, I totally get it. We are all afraid of making a mistake. And it’s ok, I’ve got you. I’ve been there before, so I know how to get out of it. I’m here to guide you every step of the way, through every fear and struggle, success and joy. My advice is: just take the leap of faith, and I won't let you down. You’ll be thankful you did it, and the only regret you’ll have is not taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity now.


Click the link to start improving your life today, because you and I both know that “later” eventually becomes “never,” and it’s time to break that pattern right now. Doing the same thing you’ve always done will keep getting you the same results you’ve always gotten. It’s time to improve your life with subconscious selling today!


Click the link below. Your success is waiting for you on the other side!

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